Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Benefits of Couple Massages

While couples massages are becoming more and more popular, many people still are unsure of what to expect and what exactly a spa couple massage entails. To put it simply: it involves two people experiencing massage treatments at the same time in the same room. Many spas will have a room set up specifically for this purpose, with two massage tables next to each other so wives and husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends and same sex partners can enjoy this relaxing time together.

The first benefit of a couples massage is quite obvious: it gives the couple the opportunity to relax while the therapist provides massage strokes specific to the couples’ desires.

The second benefit is the sometime surprising communication boost between partners. Many couples report being able to speak more openly and honestly with their significant other after a couples massage. It provides time for a relaxed conversation which paves the way for a wonderful union between the pair.

Many new to this experience may feel a tad uncomfortable, but again, having a partner there to provide companionship and solidarity is key.

Quick note: many couples prefer to experience a couples massage on their own without the therapist there, but the therapists are essential. This is one of the main reasons why couples cannot open up to one another. Think of the therapist as a silent mediator: let them do all the work, relaxing sore muscles, kneading pressure points, providing aromatherapy experiences while you let down your guard, ease your tensions and open up to the person on the table next to you.

Many spas offer great couples massage packages, some geared towards romance, some towards self-reflection, and some for special occasions. However you choose to experience this rare treat, it is well worth the time and money!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade

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