Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Art of Endermologie®

Ever wonder what Endermologie® actually is? What do people mean when they receive an “all natural face-lift?” How does it work? Does it hurt?

Here’s what we know…

There are two different types of technology at work:

1.    Roll Technology – the two independent motorized rollers gently pull the skin using three directions of rotation.
2.    Lift Technology – With their micropulses, the lift heads create a wave of tissue that delicately stimulates the skin.

Both technologies have the capability of treating very different types of skin tissue: cellulite, adipose, edematous, fibrous, adherent, inflammatory, thin, fragile, relaxed, scarred, and wrinkled.

What is happening with these two mechanical stimulations? Just this: the stimulation occurring on the surface of the skin sends signals down through the deeper layers into the cells (ex. fat cells) to provoke a physiologic response (ex. activation of collagen and elastin production or activation of lipolysis). In other words, the two different machines are actually telling your body to break up stored fat!

This gentle pulling of the skin tissues enables a professional user to target specific areas of the face and body with a 100% natural treatment.

Here are some added bonuses:

1.    Fibroblasts – The ENDERMOLIFT treatment naturally reactivates youthful cells (fibroblasts) that produce collagen and elastin in order to redensify the skin
2.    Collagen and Elastin Fibers – Collagen provides firmness and elastin enhances flexibility, so these two techniques can naturally and gently reactivate their synthesis, even in older skin!
3.    Venous-Lymphatic Network – Treats problems associated with venal failure, “heavy leg” sensations, and water retention
4.    Fat Cells – Naturally boosts lipolysis (the release of fat cells) to remove fat cells (adipocytes)
5.    Muscles – Can mobilize targeted muscles in order to relieve tension and spasms
6.    Septa – About 90% of women are prone to cellulite, affecting the fatty layer of the hypodermis separated by parallel septa (in men, the septa are crossed).The LIPOMASSAGE technique can release imprisoned fat to smooth cellulite.

So why bother paying for costly liposuction treatments or face lifts? Use an all-natural approach and be amazed at the results!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade

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