Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love Is

Love Is

Love is more than emotion. Love is more than kindness. Love is more than a simple pat on the back or a quick hug. Love is everlasting, love conquers, love is always MORE.

Most of all, love should not be honored on one day, but throughout a lifetime. It should brave bad weather and lift your soul to heights unknown.

So here’s to honoring our loved ones, our special someone’s, our guardian angels, our best friends, our heroes, our fallen comrades, our enemies, our neighbors, and most of all, each other, for all 365 days of the year.

Just think of all the good love can do:

1.   Love never passes judgment-so stop hiding from it!
2.   Love triumphs over evil-so the only weapon you need is your heart
3.   Love is euphoria, a natural high we can all get drunk on and indulge in the side effects…legally J
4.   Love takes a long time to master, we may not get it right every time, but at least we tried and that means we are making ourselves better
5.   Love tests us-so we can fail and learn from our mistakes
6.   Love comes from the most unlikeliest of places-so pay attention
7.   Love is fulfilling-so other cravings can be curbed
8.   Love is freedom-so we can break away our chains and LIVE

While a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers may seem like a great way to say “I love you,” think of a more personal touch this year (and every day for that matter). Reach out and lend a hand, give a reassuring hug, smile often, pamper someone, spend time with your family, put your cell phone/tablet away and look at what’s around you…and enjoy it!

We are sending our love to you today and every day-because you deserve it!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade

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