Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Demystified

When walking into any spa, you want to make sure you know enough about the treatments you are receiving rather than saying “where the heck did all my money just go and why?”

I remember walking into a spa in Manhattan, which will remain nameless, and received my first ever sugar body scrub. I understood the concept, but did not really understand the technique. The massage therapist came in, did not introduce herself and proceeded to “take the skin off me” for 45 minutes. I was not well covered and felt embarrassed, exposed and completely bewildered (not to mention violated). It was the worst spa experience I ever had.

So, when it came time to try a hot stone massage, you bet your buns I did my research…thoroughly!

Hot stone massages are not very different from your regular Swedish or deep tissue massage.  The whole concept of a hot stone (basalt - heat retaining) is to warm the areas on your body (back, feet and hands) so your circulation really gets cranking and your muscles relax faster.  This allows the massage therapist to get in there and work out all the kinks beyond what you would normally experience from a massage – depending on an intensity you feel comfortable with.

Guess what? The warmth of the hot stones also calms the nervous system!  Some additional healing properties are also known to make hot stone massage more worthwhile than a traditional massage. You can tackle issues such as:

  1. Back pain and aches
  2. Poor circulation
  3. Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
  4. Stress, anxiety and tension
  5. Insomnia
  6. Depression
While the concept is not complicated, it should make sense that a hot stone massage should be done to your comfort level.  Know what you’re paying for and what to expect from your experience.

We are always here to help should you have any questions!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade
CEO | Special Effects Spa

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