Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun with Nail Polish

Fun with Nail Polish

With spring a top coat away, it’s time to dust off those bottles of polish and have some fun with new spring colors – like Essie’s new pastels!

But first, we have some tidbits to share if you who want a quick, at-home fix before hitting up the vineyards, going out for a drink, or lounging in the sun. Whether it’s Essie, Opi, or another name brand of your choosing, nails that make a statement this season are in.

Add Some Glitz: An easy and fun way to get a fantastic glittery manicure…put a clear coat on, dip fingernails into glitter of your choosing, clean edges, add top coat and flaunt!

Easy Clean Up: Rub moisturizer into skin around nails so when “mistakes” happen, removing excess polish will be a breeze.

The 5 Minute Nail Polish Removal Trick: split a (large) cotton ball into pieces (about 12-15) and dip (do not soak) into nail polish remover (acetone free is best). Apply one piece to each nail (one hand at a time) and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Take one of your leftover pieces and swipe (press down hard) your nail (nail bed to nail tip). Repeat on other hand. This process takes 5 minutes, removes nail polish in one fell swoop AND your nails will not peel or dry out.

Where the Dead Eye Shadows Go: Yes, you can do something with all those eye shadows you never wore (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) Use an eye shadow brush to get a pile of color, mix with clear polish and paint. Cover with a matte polish (similar color) for an even deeper effect.

Ex-STRAW-dinary! A picture says a thousand words on this one…
Simply dip your straw into different colors and paint!

Stay tuned for more fun hints and tips for at-home nail care.

Much Love,
Debbie Schade

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