Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2012 Hairstyling Tips and Misses

From Emmy updos, to long silky tresses a la Kim Kardashian, to short cropped sophisticated Kiera Knightley looks, you can choose a style and own it this year. Even if you have zero time in the morning or all the time in the world, we have the best hairstyling tips for you this season in addition to some common mistakes you want to avoid.

What Works versus What Doesn’t

1.      Routine haircuts are essential to maintaining healthy hair.  Going six months without a haircut actually makes styling and shaping harder for your hairstylist. Go every 4-8 weeks and keep your tresses beautiful!

2.      Do not work with too much hair at once. You see professionals do this all the time with their nifty montage of clips – pin up excess and work from the bottom up. This gives your hair a more finished look that will last longer.

3.      Pay attention to your roots. When using styling product, really concentrate on your roots and brush up and out to get more volume or straight down to get a more flattened look. The healthier the roots, the healthier the mane.

4.      Don’t bake the good stuff! In other words, don’t expose your hair to the highest heat setting on your flat iron/curling iron unless you have very coarse or extremely curly hair. Do not keep heat on one spot too long either. Mist with a thermal styling spray for added protection.

5.      Use the right brush! Many women do not use the right size brush for their hair. Here’s the rule: under the chin, use thin (i.e. 1” round brush). Anything longer, use a 2” or 3” round brush.

6.      Apply product to wet hair. Your hair is much more responsive to product when it’s freshly washed and it’s also much easier to distribute.

7.      Do not allow mousse/gel to let your hair arrive DOA. Control, control, control! Do not overdo the product on dry hair otherwise your tresses will come out looking greasy, shellacked, or flat.

8.      Use the right product. Yes, there are tons of product sitting on shelves, in salons and staring you in the face every time you pick up a magazine, but only a select few are right for you.

9.      Allow your hair to set. Whether you are using a dryer or an iron let your hair cool down afterwards. You are ruining your work if you brush through warm curls or let go of the round brush when your hair is still hot.

10. Quit horsing around! Let your ponytail be healthy too. Do not use rubber bands or elastics with metal clasps as they will snag your hair and create split ends. Also, do not pull your hair back when it’s wet or pull it back too tight – allow it to dry and use some styling cream for a more finished look.

Check back next week for more hairstyling tips!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade
CEO/Special Effects Salon & Spa

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