Sunday, July 29, 2012

What's Good for Your Skin

What’s Good for Your Skin

“Did you know an SPF 30 Sunscreen, when applied incorrectly, only has the affects of an SPF 20 Sunscreen?”  We love summer and we love the sun, but how best to protect our skin?  Most doctors recommend a higher SPF so the chances of even a tiny misapplication will protect our skin better than no protection at all.  A good rule of thumb: measure out enough sunscreen to fill a shot glass and apply!

As September lurks around the corner, here are a few rules to follow about keeping your skin not just radiant, but healthy and, even more importantly, reducing your risk for skin cancer.

Some tips:

1.      Moisturize!  Always remember to keep your skin hydrated – this reduces wrinkles just as much as it helps to maintain skin’s resiliency.

2.      Use cuticle cream…often. This keeps the corners of your fingers looking neat and tidy, not cracked, peeling, painful and scary all year long!

3.      Keep your mouth lip-smacking fresh with yummy, SPF packed chap sticks that will get your fragile skin through the hot weather and beyond.

4.      Try Dry Brushing – this technique exfoliates the skin (avoid sensitive areas like your face) and can be done twice a week. Pick a brush (boar bristle or loofah) that is comfortable on your skin and work from your toes to your chest. With open pores and no dead skin cells, a refreshing peppermint or tea tree body soap will be the perfect finishing touch for your newly dry brushed skin!

Take care of yourself this season – from head to toe!

Much Love,
Debbie Schade
CEO | Special Effects Spa

p.s. “Taking joy in living is a woman's best cosmetic.” ~Rosalind Russell

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